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30 October - 1 November 2017 | London, UK

Conference Day One - Tuesday 31st October

8:00 am - 8:30 am Registration and welcome coffee

9:00 am - 10:00 am Morning Breakfast Briefing - How to drive effective innovation in claims

Eddie Longworth, Director,JEL Consulting
With claims operations of all types anxious to maintain the competitive position of the overall business, manage costs more effectively, and deliver a relevant customer experience to claimants, there is an inevitable demand for continuous ‘innovation’ or, indeed, ‘transformation’. The constant drive for constructive change and development brings both challenges and opportunities and the extent to which these are managed will have a profound effect on the future of the whole business

In addition, and external to the claims department itself, we see a myriad of Insuretech disruptors knocking at the door to compete with or complement those internal efforts and we see that some  businesses have chosen to establish their own internal innovation laboratories to harness new solutions and technologies. Joint ventures, acquisitions, investment and incubation are also just a few of the models being experimented with to deliver the results being sought

With billions of investment dollars at stake in the universal stampede for success and (relatively) short term results, the pressure is on to deliver the goods

So how do we make sure this drive and thirst for innovation does not end in shattered dreams and regret? Better still, how do we sure that the innovation driven claims operations are not just a passing phase but become an integral part of the future culture of the organisation?

How do we make it all work?

What will you learn in this workshop?
In this interactive and challenging workshop we will be examining and exploring alternative methods of driving effective innovation in the claims environment

How do we embed a culture of effective innovation in the everyday working environment?
What are the challenges and opportunities of innovation leadership
How do we deliver real innovation into the new environment?
What are the innovation business models that might work best for you?
How do we maintain a clear focus on the fundamental aims of a claims operation?

About your workshop leader

Eddie Longworth has consulted with leading insurers, suppliers and start-up organisations on 3 different continents during a career lasting 22 years. In a portfolio of hundreds of projects he has led innovation and transformation initiatives in claims operations large and small with an emphasis on delivering real and measureable results. Bringing knowledge of the burgeoning Insuretech sector, Customer Experience, and Supply Chain Management challenges as well as the day-to-day needs of a claims operation, Eddie is able to provoke, stimulate and inform wide ranging debate and solutions for creating and delivering effective innovation


Eddie Longworth

JEL Consulting

10:00 am - 10:05 am Chairman's opening remarks

Opening panel discussion
What does the future of insurance claims look like?
The nature of insurance is changing and forward thinking carriers are trying to adapt to a new era of automation, robotics, data analytics, IoT and Blockchain. But what does this mean for claims?

We will be asking our panelists:
  • How should insurers be evolving to meet the challenges posed by disruptors?
  • What does the claims model of the future look like?
  • How can insurers work with fintech start-ups and how should they be assimilated into claims?   
  • How should we be using data to drive changes in the claims process?

John McSherry

Head of Household Claims
Admiral Group


Rachel Riley

Managing Director
WPA Group


Iain Wadie


10:40 am - 11:10 am AI-powered cognitive automation and RPA for claims processings

11:10 am - 12:00 am Morning coffee and networking

11:40 am - 12:20 pm Transforming the claims experience by reducing customer pain points

Rob Smart, Head of Commercial Claims,Direct Line Group
  • Deploying agents to gather information on property claims and reduce customer effort
  • Leveraging online digital platform technology to provide a seamless claims experience  and empower the customer
  • Linking together the supply chain around a single digital record with the power of video and text to see every claim
  • Using digital technology to reduce fraudulent claims


Rob Smart

Head of Commercial Claims
Direct Line Group

12:10 pm - 12:50 pm Managing Third Party Partners to enhance the overall claims experience

Harriet Parkinson, Head of Property Claims,Hiscox Andrew Sellers, Group Claims Service Delivery Manager,Hiscox
  • How Hisconect helped to break down barriers with Third Party Partners and enhance transparency
  • Using supply chain management tools to increase visibility on performance and create new opportunities across the value chain
  • Improved customer experience and outcomes through clear expectations and a “connected” partnership


Harriet Parkinson

Head of Property Claims


Andrew Sellers

Group Claims Service Delivery Manager

12:50 pm - 1:50 pm Networking lunch

2:20 pm - 3:00 pm Panel discussion - Responding to the InsurTech revolution

Oke Eleazu, Chief Operating Officer,Bought By Many Dylan Bourguignon, CEO,So-Sure Brigitte Small, CEO,Arowana
Responding to the InsurTech revolution
43% of the insurers recently surveyed by PWC claim they have FinTech at the heart of their corporate strategies, but only 28% explore partnerships with FinTech companies and even less than 14% actively participate in ventures and/or incubator programs. Is it time to step up the response to InsurTech?

We will be asking out panelists:
  • Is there a disconnect between the amount of disruption perceived in the market and the willingness of insurers to invest to defend against and/or take advantage of the innovation?
  • What steps can incumbent insurers take to capitalise on the rise of InsurTech?
  • How can Fintech be assimilated into claims?


Oke Eleazu

Chief Operating Officer
Bought By Many

Dylan Bourguignon



Brigitte Small


3:00 pm - 3:40 pm Building the most customer-centric claims process in the world

Oke Eleazu, Chief Operating Officer,Bought By Many
  • Creating products customers really want – building a company from scratch based on customer feedback
  • Trusting your customers – handling claims on the premise that your customers are honest
  • Getting rid of claims forms – simplifying the claims process for customers


Oke Eleazu

Chief Operating Officer
Bought By Many

3:40 pm - 4:10 pm Afternoon tea and technology demonstrations

Join us for tea and cake whilst our exhibitors demonstrate the latest technologies to help you improve your claims experience

4:10 pm - 4:50 pm Taking insurance back to its 17th century roots with 21st century technology

Dylan Bourguignon, CEO,So-Sure
  • Reimaging insurance with the customer at the core
  • Rethinking the relationship between insurer and customer
  • Improving the claims experience for honest customers

Dylan Bourguignon


Take part in our interactive discussion afternoon and pick the challenges that really matter to you, guided by our expert roundtable facilitators

Striking the balance between excellent customer service and process efficiency

Roundtable 2)
Managing the claims supply chain

Peter Smith

Claims Director

Phil Daly

Head of Property & Specialty Claims (& London Operation) - Global Corporate

5:30 pm - 5:40 pm Chairperson's closing remarks

5:30 pm - 6:30 pm Drinks reception