Florian Krueger

Partner & COO

9:00 AM Business-hackathon: Digital is Free - The journey to data-driven customer excellence

Disruptive technologies, such as the IoT, Distributed Ledgers, or Cognitive have gained a lot of traction in recent months and to the casual observer it seems like many of them are ready for primetime. What does that mean to the customer experience we are able to provide and how can some, or all of them be integrated with our other systems?

Is it simply about making business as usual more efficient, or is real innovation possible thanks to new found skills and additional capabilties? How can I get started and what are the key assetts, which I need to have available, if I want to be a thought leader?

These and many other questions will be answered during our one-hour deep dive and followed up with a break-out session to conduct a mini-business-hackathon on the various subject topics.

About your workshop leader:
Florian Krueger: With more than 15 years of experience Florian has a broad and deep knowledge of the digital space. He is passionate about tying all initiatives back to the strategic objectives which facilitate usable outcomes for our clients. Florian has studied Insurance Economics and Business IT Management at MIT.