Rachel Riley

Managing Director
WPA Group

10:00 AM What does the future of insurance claims look like?

Opening panel discussion
What does the future of insurance claims look like?
The nature of insurance is changing and forward thinking carriers are trying to adapt to a new era of automation, robotics, data analytics, IoT and Blockchain. But what does this mean for claims?

We will be asking our panelists:
  • How should insurers be evolving to meet the challenges posed by disruptors?
  • What does the claims model of the future look like?
  • How can insurers work with fintech start-ups and how should they be assimilated into claims?   
  • How should we be using data to drive changes in the claims process?

2:30 PM The shifting power in insurance

The digitisation of the industry will see a shift in power away from the insurer to the customer. With the rise of the new insurtech companies, customers now expect personalised information and immediate real-time results.
  • Digitisation and the power of data – trends, insights and projections
  • Transparency creating trust
  • ROI – The power to the customer