Dylan Bourguignon


2:20 PM Panel discussion - Responding to the InsurTech revolution

Responding to the InsurTech revolution
43% of the insurers recently surveyed by PWC claim they have FinTech at the heart of their corporate strategies, but only 28% explore partnerships with FinTech companies and even less than 14% actively participate in ventures and/or incubator programs. Is it time to step up the response to InsurTech?

We will be asking out panelists:
  • Is there a disconnect between the amount of disruption perceived in the market and the willingness of insurers to invest to defend against and/or take advantage of the innovation?
  • What steps can incumbent insurers take to capitalise on the rise of InsurTech?
  • How can Fintech be assimilated into claims?

4:10 PM Taking insurance back to its 17th century roots with 21st century technology

  • Reimaging insurance with the customer at the core
  • Rethinking the relationship between insurer and customer
  • Improving the claims experience for honest customers